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Dr. Jan O. Engler

➝ Institute of Geography

Visitor Address:
Hülssebau, HÜL/O 255
Helmholtzstraße 10
01069 Dresden

Tel.+49 351 463-31988
Fax+49 351 463-37064

My research program focus on understanding species range dynamics under environmental change using genetics/genomics and niche modeling techniques as main tools.
The general goal is to bring the different tools together in synergy to better answer questions in the field of evolutionary and conservation biology. Especially in the latter field, I am particularly interested in communicating results not only to a greater scientific audience but also for consulting, planning and policy-making purposes.
Another aspect of my work is to capitalize on available remote sensing products to quantify species distributions at fine spatial scales to learn how individual-based processes pile up to species-level range dynamics.

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Selected recent publications

* equal contributions, ° supervised students

°Frans VF, Augé AA, Fyfe J, Zhang Y, McNally N, Edelhoff H, Balkenhol N, Engler JO (2022): Integrated SDM database: Enhancing the relevance and utility of species distribution models in conservation management. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 13, 243-261. Cover Image, Methods Blog, The Conversation, New York Times, Washington Post, Tagesspiegel

Engler JO, °Lawrie Y, Cabral JS, Lens L (2021): Niche evolution reveals disparate signatures of speciation in the ‘great speciator’ (white-eyes, Aves: Zosterops)Journal of Biogeography, 48, 1981-1993. Video Abstract

°Uhe L, Albrecht K, Schleicher A, Engler JO (2020): Adjusting trail cameras to improve monitoring of small open cup nesting birds. Journal of Ornithology, 161, 893–899

Zurell D, Engler JO (2019): Ecological niche modelling. In: Dunn PO, Moller AP (eds) Effects of climate change on birds. Oxford University Press.

Holderegger R, Balkenhol N, Bollinger J, Engler JO, Gugerli F, Hochkirch A, Nowak C, Segelbacher G, Widmer A, Zachos FE (2019): Linking conservation genetics science with practiceMolecular Ecology, 28, 3848-3856.

°Frans VF, Augé AA, Edelhoff H, Erasmi S, Balkenhol N, Engler JO (2018): Quantifying apart what belongs together: a multi-state species distribution modeling framework for species using distinct habitatsMethods in Ecology & Evolution, 9, 98-108. Editor Recommendation, Methods Blog

*Engler JO, *Stiels D, Schidelko K, Strubbe D, Quillfeldt P, Brambilla M (2017): Avian SDMs: current state, challenges, and opportunitiesJournal of Avian Biology, 48, 1483-1504.

➝ since 1/2021: Visiting Professor at the Landscape Research group of the Department of Geography at Ghent University, Belgium

➝ since 7/2020: PostDoc at the Chair of Computational Landscape Ecology at the Technische Universität Dresden

➝ 2016-2020: PostDoc at the Terrestrial Ecology Unit of Ghent University, Belgium

➝ 2013-2016: Doctorate student (Dr. rer. nat) at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University Bonn and Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig, Bonn. Title of dissertation: From occurrence to eco-evolutionary dynamics: Assessing connectivity in a changing world through modelling and landscape geneticsDate of defense: 25.5.2016

➝ 2005-2012: Studies in Applied Biogeography at Karl Marx University Trier. Major subjects: Biogeography, Geobotany, Soil Science, Geology

ZOSTEROMICS: Eco-evolutionary dynamics in the great speciator (2016-2023), Funding: Flemisch Science Foundation (Project ID’s: 12G4317N, 1527918N & G042318N), Roles: PI & Co-PI

REDSTART: Using Sentinel 2 data to depict animal-related Essential Biodiversity Variables (2017-2020), Funding: Belgian Science-Policy Office BELSPO (Project ID’s: SR/02/352b, SR/02/393), Role: PI

ECOTRAPS: Investigating the potential of ecological traps along road verges (2017-2020), Funding: R&D Project by the Federal Highway Research Institute – BASt (Project ID: FE 02.0372/2014/LRB), Role: Co-coordinator and head of the work packages “genetics” and “birds”.


 ➝ since 2020: Editorial Board Member, Vogelwarte

 ➝ since 2019: Editorial Board Member, Journal of Ornithology

 ➝ 2017 – 2021: Subject Editor, Journal of Avian Biology

 ➝ 2016: Dissertation Award of the Alexander Koenig Society, Bonn

 ➝ 2015 – 2019: Council Member of the European Ornithologist’s Union

 ➝ 2015: Hans-Löhrl Award, German Ornithologist’s Society

 ➝ Since 2014: Member of the Scientific Program Committee since the 10th European Ornithological Conference

 ➝ Since 2013: Co-founder and spokesman of the special interest group “Spatial Ecology and Biogeography” of the German Ornithologist’s Society